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People have used flags for over 4,000 years, not only to give others an idea who they are but to showcase who they are and to stand out from the crowd. Hundreds of years ago knights carried flags into battle for reasons your business today should understand, to be recognised, to stand out and to be individual. In today’s market where the internet dominates advertising, such things as business flags can be easily overlooked. However this doesn’t mean that this advertising avenue should be overlooked, quite the opposite should happen. On the average cramped industrial estate, with many businesses in close proximity, sharing dreadfully similar buildings, setting your business apart from the rest is important, not to mention the fact that a flag will help clients/customers find your offices. Helping to create an unbeatable first impression.

Making a great first impression

First impressions which are vital in the business sphere, as the recession bites more and more companies are taking steps to make their business stand out from the crowd. Giving off a bad first impression can mean you lose the confidence of customers and clients as well as discouraging prospective clients and customers for the future.  Research has shown that when a stranger visits you and your premises, their brain makes a thousand split second decisions. Is your company trustworthy? Competent? Likeable? You wouldn’t invite someone into your office if it was a mess, you want to go the extra mile to impress.

A flag really does illustrate that you have gone the extra mile to impress and are rightfully proud of the services your business provides. A doormat with your company logo on also has a positive effect.  Setting a high standard as soon as anybody visits your offices. Showcase that you are a professional and prepared. Your employees may also benefit from working under a flag; a flag will instil a sense of pride within your employees. Flags make people proud, that is why different military units all have their individual ones, and as mentioned governments all have ones. Flags unite people working under them, leading to a decline in internal disputes.

However if you’re thinking your choice is limited to a traditional flag and pole you would be mistaken. Harrisons offer commercial, residential, event, fan assisted and bespoke flagpoles. Meaning you can create the best impression possible. As the no.1 supplier of flags and flagpoles in the UK and with 40 years’ experience in the industry, Harrisons really are the obvious choice. If you remain unconvinced, maybe a ten year warranty will sway you, the longest warranty in the industry within Europe!! Harrisons really have everything covered, even offering a bespoke service to suit any budget! With heaps of examples of work on their website and any number of amazing customer testimonials they really are the place to head to.

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