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When it comes to important files and documents, all organisations have plenty. Companies today have to contend with an extensive array of paperwork, ranging from personnel records to payroll records, client and supplier information, inter-office memos, and more. Whilst it’s one thing to store these documents properly, it’s another thing to find the proper way to destroy them when the time comes.

You can opt to destroy your company’s files and documents yourself with your own document shredder, but more companies nowadays are opting to rely on the service of a professional document shredding firm. But choosing a reliable and competent document shredding service is not easy – so this is why we have compiled a list of things to look for when it comes to selecting a shredding service that can fulfil your expectations.

DocumentShreddingServiceA variety of shredding services

A document shredding service is simply a service where a firm destroys your paperwork, correct? Well, this is true, in part, but a good service takes more than simply shredding paper into consideration. In your quest for a good provider, look for one which can give you different options when it comes to document shredding.

This would include options for mobile shredding on site, which means that the provider will visit your location, collect your documents, and shred them in or near your premises on their own mobile shredding facility, or an off-site service, where they will collect your documents but transport them to their own secure facility for shredding. Look for other options such as a scheduled service, where you can set a regular time (weekly, monthly, annually, etc.) for the collection and destruction of documents, as well as confidential waste disposal and recycling services. The more options you have, the better, because it gives you more flexibility in choosing just the right service for your needs.

Legal compliance and certification

When looking for a document shredding partner, look for one which can give you full compliance with legal requirements when it comes to the handling and destruction of confidential data. It is not just a matter of destroying files, after all – it is also a matter of making sure that you abide by the law. Ask the shredding service if they can provide you with certification once the files have been shredded and disposed of. This way, you can show this certification if the need arises to prove that you have complied with legal guidelines.

Complete security

Security is a special consideration for all companies, but most especially for those which deal with sensitive, confidential information such as patient records, client records, and financial data. When looking for a shredding service, ask them about their procedure for hiring their staff who does the shredding. Background checks are important, so you can rest assured that the staff is not only competent, but trustworthy as well.

Environmental friendliness

Document shredding services should also provide you with a recycling service. In this regard, look for one which can assure you that all their shredded paper is recycled 100%. This way, you can do your part in preserving the environment and do not have to feel guilty about waste disposal or landfill issues.

When it comes to efficient, reliable, and secure shredding, it pays to know what to look for. Professional shredding firms like can attest to a variety of options in shredding services, as well as complete compliance, environmental friendliness, and the assurance that your documents are destroyed in the best possible way.

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