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environmental-speakers1Many companies and organisations invite environmental speakers to their events to share experiences, ideas and thoughts about the way the world relates to its physical and natural environment. Such speakers are popular at corporate retreats, annual meetings and events that honour or celebrate particular people and environmental victories. Depending on your budget and the type of event you are hosting, you can enlist top tier speakers who come with a large speaking fee, or you can invite leaders and environmental activists who are willing to speak for free. Once you have planned your event and determined that you would like to have an environmental expert present, look for appropriate speakers through your professional network and contacts. If you require additional help finding and booking a speaker, consultants such as The Right Address can provide a recommendation, suggesting the right person for your event from an assortment of environmental speakers.

Determining who you want to speak will depend on your topic. If you are going to focus on general environmental issues, you can invite any of the popular environmental speakers on the lecture circuit and allow your guest speaker to shape the agenda of the discussion. If you have a particular issue or area in mind, such as climate change, biodiversity, clean water or forest preservation, you will need to focus your search on speakers that specialise in those areas and topics.

Review the writing and the activities of prominent environmental speakers to develop a list of ideal participants. Many speakers are environmental lawyers, such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., or leaders who have started and presided over large environmental organisations such as The Nature Conservancy, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund and the Natural Resources Defence Council. There are a number of political leaders at the national and local levels who have made environmental issues a priority as well. Read what has been published recently in the environmental area, and you might get some good ideas about potential speakers. Search opinion pieces in national newspapers, read environmental blogs and scan the websites of prominent non-profit organisations.

Whether you are a company looking to develop greener technologies, an organisation interested in environmental issues or a group simply wants to present the latest news in environmental action, finding environmental speakers for your next conference or event is a good way to bring these matters to the attention of your employees and shareholders. Decide what kind of topic you want to cover, make a list of your most desired speakers and see who is available and willing to speak at your event. The topic and the speaker will be timely and appreciated.

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