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There is some confusion as to the difference between call logging and call recording. The latter carries with it several negative connotations – after all, no one likes the thought of their telephone calls being monitored needlessly! However call logging can be hugely beneficial for any business, large or small, and is certainly not invasive like call recording can be.

The Benefits of Call Logging

Call recording tends to be just that – recording calls with no end purpose other than to keep a record of conversations had over the phone. However call logging can used for a variety of different reasons, as it does so much more than just record calls.

Calling logging is able to:

  • Monitor calls for the purpose of improving scripts and employee-customer interaction
  • Assess areas of poor performance and allow management the opportunity to improve these areas through training.
  • Identify customer complaints and queries much more quickly, and allow for quicker resolution.
  • Improve accountability by tracking communications between employees and customers.
  • Improve security, particularly in the case of companies who are bound by FSA regulations.
  • Highlights problems at their source – such as threatening calls – and allows for the implementation of procedures to prevent them from happening again.
  • Identify when the highest number of calls occur within your company, where they are coming from and how long they last; this can allow for better budgeting or the detection of any abuse of your company’s telephone system.

Choosing Call Logging for Your Company

From these points it is possible to see the many ways in which call logging can benefit your company. If you’re thinking about choosing call logging for your business, it’s always best to talk to experienced call logging providers, such as Lanonyx, who will be able to talk you through all of your call logging needs and options.

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