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organisationOne area where many businesses and their managers often struggle is organization. With fewer hands to track, complete and evaluate the work, tasks can pile up and important to-do list items can get overlooked. From keeping track of paperwork to managing employees’ project hours, organization is a significant key to successful business operations — yet it often falls by the wayside. This is one of the many reasons why more businesses choose to transition away from traditional desktop-based project management tools in favor of online project management software.

Project Management Software Moves Online

In the past, companies that wanted to implement a centralized project and time management system for their workforce had to choose from a limited number of desktop options. Today, simple project management software in an online format is quickly replacing traditional desktop-based software. There are many organizational benefits to selecting online-based software over its desktop alternative. For instance, software maintenance is not required, updates and changes are tracked in real time, automated revision tracking keeps outdated versions out of circulation, employees need only an Internet connection and a browser to work, and best of all, using online software is cheaper and sometimes even free for nonprofits and smaller teams.

Organizational Assessments and Why They Matter

In managing the hectic day-to-day operations of a growing business, sometimes even the “big picture people” at the top of the corporate ladder forget to step back and actually look at how the company is performing and what could be improved. As well, when profits begin to slump it can be easier to simply “work harder” rather than evaluating how the company could apply itself more intelligently toward profitability goals. Regular organizational assessments can serve as gateways to improved productivity, innovation, increased profits and reduced costs. When your company conducts regular organizational assessments on an individual and aggregate level, it gives you a chance to identify and fix what is not working — and improve what is working.

Organizational Priorities Made Easy

Every company wants to ensure they are “taking care of business,” whether this means filing taxes and sending out employee paychecks on time or making important customer contacts and tracking the progress of those relationships. Many businesses struggle with organization in these areas. Online project management software can help with each of these issues.

  • Reinforced deadlines. With the use of a centralized online calendar, the entire workforce is alerted to essential deadlines, such as following up on overdue receivables, issuing payment checks to vendors and transmitting project specifications to clients.
  • Interdepartmental project coordination. As doing business increasingly goes global, sometimes even the smallest businesses have teams in different locations. With one centralized project management folder every employee works from, it becomes easy to coordinate interdepartmental project tasks and meet deadlines.
  • Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. From finding that lost vendor invoice to locating the newest customer order, using a centralized online filing system keeps valuable paperwork from getting misplaced or misfiled.
  • Information sharing. Online software eases issues associated with keeping every project participant in the loop. The online software system issues automated alerts when anything changes so that each person has the same information.
  • Data protection. When all data on the company’s projects is stored in one centralized location, the threat of data loss or corruption is eliminated. Even if an employee loses his specific hardware, the data itself is still safe and sound in its online home.
  • Team-based efficiency. With online software, your company leverages the ability to function as an interconnected team both intra- and inter-departmentally. Everyone knows what each team member is working on and what the status of their part of each project is. This makes time management, task benchmarking, collaboration and communication more efficient.

Strong, consistent attention to organization is a critical element that positions businesses of all sizes to succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy. Online project management software can assist with this goal, making your company more efficient and effective in doing what you do best.

About the Author: Brian Denten is the Marketing Associate for WorkZone. He recommends businesses both large and small request a personal demo free of charge to see what a difference the software can make.

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