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Installing a burglar alarm is a simple way to feel safer in your home but is it enough to prevent a break-in? The financial cost of burglary in South Africa is rising. In order to safeguard your personal finances and keep your possessions safer, follow these eight key tips for household security. Don’t lose money or possessions – keep safe within your home.


Locks and Safes

1. Fit proper locks on all perimeter doors, with a safety chain or latch on the front door and a door viewer. If you ever lose a key to the outside doors, make sure you replace all the locks. You can also fit spacers – bolts that can be fitted to sliding doors that prevent them from being lifted away from their tracks. Make sure all your windows have proper locks and also burglar bars if you are on the lower floor and you don’t have perimeter fencing.

2. Install a safe for keeping your important documents (make sure it is fire-safe) and as a place to keep weapons and your valuables.

3. Always keep the outdoor sheds and tool stores locked when not in use. You don’t want to give a burglar access to tools that would make it easier for them to break in.

Lights and Outdoor Spaces

4. Fit outdoor lights that are triggered by movement and can also be controlled remotely from within the house. Make sure that all fused light bulbs are replaced as soon as they fail.

5. Trim outside hedges and keep walls low so that there is a good line of sight to your property. Your neighbours will then be more able to spot suspicious activity should it take place. Trim foliage near doors so there is no natural hiding place for criminals.

Auto Access

6. Make it easy for your family to get into the car, start it, lock all the doors, and be prepared to quickly drive off before the outside gates are opened. It is best if you can leave the property without having to reverse as these compromises your ability to focus on your immediate surroundings. If you can, install electric gates –this makes your entry and exit much safer.

7. If you spot any suspicious activity when you are about to drive into your home, drive past and call the police instead.

8. If you have an intercom system make sure that visitors do not have to get out of their vehicles in order to speak through it. Try not to have visitors waiting outside for longer than necessary.

Financial Protection from Burglary

Of course, all the prevention techniques in the world won’t necessarily stop burglars targeting your property. To ensure you don’t lose out financially, make sure you have good quality household insurance that covers the cost of your contents and your property. For more details click on – prevention may be best, but it always pays to be covered.

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