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Motivated employees should be the goal of any manager. If employees feel motivated they’re more likely to give you their best work. It can be difficult to motivate a number of employees as they’re all different. Providing you are flexible in your motivational techniques and you embrace individuality you’re likely to find it possible to increase productivity and get the best out of everyone.

Create a Great Work Environment

You’re going to find it difficult to motivate individuals if the work environment is cold, uncomfortable and dull. Work hard to create a positive space that is interesting and a pleasure to work in. You want people to be excited about being at work. Provide comfortable spaces, excellent work stations, good equipment and tools and work hard on creating positive relationships between the colleagues and departments.

Make the Most of the Walls

Staring at blank walls is never fun for anyone and it doesn’t promote creative or motivate employees. Make the most of your walls by:

  • Using boards where your employees are able to add things that interest them. It could be photographs, leaflets and posters and newsletters. Have at least one board that can be used for any purpose. If you don’t want visitors to the office to see this board place it in areas where the public don’t have access to, such as the staff meeting room or canteen.
  • Place art work and motivational quotes to the walls, even in the bathrooms. Pick relevant quotes and inspirational pictures that different people in your organisation are going to respond to. Do watch out for obvious clichés as they can be more annoying than anything else.
  • Recognise employees that do outstanding work each month. An employee of the month scheme is always a good idea, especially if the winner gets a bonus. The bonus could be anything from a free lunch to a bit extra in their pay packet.

Create a Fun Space for Your Employees

Employees that are allowed time to relax generally work harder and are more productive. You can encourage regular breaks by making a dedicated space for relaxation. Add a pool table or a pinball machine for those who like to stay active – it’s good for the mind. Create a comfortable seating area and put some art materials from on a table so they can be used as and when desired.

Causal Work Days

Set aside one day a month or even each week when your employees are able to dress in more relaxed clothing. Casual Fridays are hugely popular and employees often respond positively to the idea. You can even add some extra fun to the casual dress code day during holiday periods or special occasions. Invite your employees to dress up on Halloween or during events such as the World Cup or Wimbledon.

The most important thing to remember is to be inspiring yourself. Stay upbeat, have fun with your employees and don’t be negative or miserable.

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