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What Makes a Good Leader?

Jan - 6 - 2014

The right kind of leadership can energize and improve any grouping, be it a business, an educational institution, a political party, a sports club or a non-profit organisation. A big part of being a good leader is emotional intelligence, which involves knowing your strengths and weaknesses and being able to understand those who work around you. Employees who are treated with compassion and understanding are happier and therefore more productive.

Valuing Those around You

This isn’t about being the most popular person in the office, but valuing staff and clients is one of the most essential traits in a good leader. Remembering the names of your employees and asking how they are doing might seem like a small thing but can really boost morale and make people feel like they matter in your organisation. Staff should be rewarded for good performance and a simple ‘thank you’ for someone who completes a task for you never goes amiss.

Direction and Communication

The best kind of leader is an effective communicator. If people don’t know what is expected of them, they won’t be able to properly comply. Having a clear direction is particularly important for a leader because they can then motivate other members of staff. Employees who aren’t aware of the part they play in an organisation won’t perform as well. State instructions clearly and always explain why tasks are necessary to the overall function of an organisation, so employees are able to keep the larger picture in mind.

The Importance of Ethics

An unscrupulous leader who is primarily driven by the bottom line is not a good leader. Regardless of the importance of profits to your firm, people should always come first. If your staff and customers are well looked after, they will remain loyal to you and will generate profits and productivity accordingly. A good leader will ensure that his or her staff are working in a safe and comfortable environment and respects the law in terms of the correct treatment of staff and clients.

Knowledge and Expertise

Good leaders always have the relevant knowledge and expertise for their roles and should consistently demonstrate the value of their experience. Maintaining and developing your own skills is very important because it keeps you at the top of your game and striving to be the best leader you possibly can be, but you should also encourage this in others.

If your leadership skills require some polishing, why not try a coaching or training course, like those available from Watt Works?

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