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Whether your company is a new digital start-up or a large conglomerate, every business could benefit financially from owning a van or two. At first, the reasons might not be obvious. Of course, if you’re a white-van-man, van ownership is part and parcel with your role, but elsewhere, it might be more difficult to see why owning a van has the potential to make your company more profitable. If that sounds like you, here are three reasons why.

Company Cars

Every company needs incentives to draw potential employees out of the woodwork.  A company car, even if it’s a van, might be enough to get people to send in their CVs and come along to an interview. You might think that a van isn’t a very desirable company car, but you’d be surprised by how many people need vans regularly: musicians transporting their equipment, people moving house, DIY enthusiasts – they all need regular access to a van, so offering one as a perk is sure to bring a strong amount of talent to your company, and this is sure to drive profit up.

More Company Benefits Means Higher Employee Morale

If you give your employees the opportunity to use the company van when it isn’t needed, there’s sure to be a boost in morale, and as a result, you should see a rise in the productivity level of your team. With greater productivity should come more business being done, and therefore a raise in profits.  A van isn’t necessarily a terribly expensive investment, and if you look after it correctly and get the right insurance (like the van insurance offered by companies like One Sure Insurance), you’ll be able to make it last a long time.

No Need for Couriers

Couriers and shipping costs can be extensive, so cutting those costs out of your outgoings is going to make your business more profitable over a series of months.  Owning your own van cuts the need for couriers out of the loop, and it also means you’re relying on your own, trustworthy employees to deliver packages and parcels to and from your business premises, meaning you know exactly who’s responsible for the trafficked goods, enabling you to manage losses.

If you’ve been wondering why owning a van could make your business more profitable, the above 3 reasons are a good place to start.  So next time you’re considering budgeting for one in your next earnings meeting, think it over – it could save you money in the long run.

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